What Class Space Offers?

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The concept of traditional education has changed radically during the pandemic. Being physically present in a classroom isn’t the only learning option anymore. Online education enables you to teach from anywhere in the world, helps you save time from commuting, money, which can be spent on infrastructure.

Class Space enables you to teach from anywhere in the world, helps you save time, money. Online tutoring can cost less due to a variety of reasons. For example, there is no cost for commuting, save money spent on infrastructure built for students.

Class Space provides greater flexibility for teachers to organize students into different batches, to conduct classroom sessions. Teaching materials play important role in students’ success. Class space helps you organize study materials based on each classroom session. That way it will be easier to retrieve the materials without facing hassles.

Class Space provides easier access between teacher and students through an inbuilt chat feature. Students can interact with their teachers in the group chat to help solve their doubts.

Class Space helps you to:

Chat – Class Space

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