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Classrooms have always been the backbone of educational institutes. However, the ongoing pandemic COVID-19 that gravely affected the education sector makes the concept of classrooms obsolete for the time being. Students and independent tutors lose out the most because of this. Also, tutors will have to spend time, money and effort in maintaining and managing classrooms. 

Due to the closure of classrooms, many institutions and tutors turned to online services which weren’t for educational purposes. Using video conferencing for taking classes to general-purpose chat services for communication with students to mail services to share materials etc., and so on. It won’t take long for these practices to become cumbersome. Thus, a robust EdTech platform is crucial when these factors are taken into account. 

Classspace is one such platform that addresses all, or at least most, of the problems. It enables teachers to teach from anywhere to their students in batches. Live sessions can be scheduled based on topics and study materials can also be added to the individual sessions, thus facilitating better organization. Additionally, Classspace contains a chat feature within each batch for seamless communication with the associated students. 

What about Tests, Assignments, fees etc.? YES! Classspace provides features for teachers to facilitate conducting and evaluating tests and assigning home-work to students. Maintaining fee records of students has always been a hassle. Classspace has a dedicated fee section where you can create entries for all fee payment details. Apart from our core chat feature, we also provide a notice board that can be used for general communication to inform students about any tests, deadlines, fee payment dues etc. 

Aesthetically Classspace was designed to be simple, yet give a plethora of features to be used effortlessly. Apart from our mobile app, we can use the desktop to use the app. You can scan the QR code on the website to log in or punch in your phone number and the OTP to access all features on a larger screen.

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